Interesting chess on Youtube

In these unfortunate COVID-19 times there is at least one positive thing, at least for us playing chess, there is a lot of interesting Youtube videos to be watched.

I have compiled a few ones that I find interesting here.

Chess documentary

A very nice documentary about the World championship match 1990 i Lyon between Kasparov and Karpov – live analysis afterwards with both Karpov and Kasparov.
Kasparov Karpov Lyon 1990 World Chess Championships FULL Documentary

A documentary about the match between Kasparov and Deep Thought – this was one of the tipping points where chess computers really started to show their capability in the area of playing chess.
Garry Kasparov versus Deep Thought Documentary

A very interesting documentary of Dutch renowned chess players.
The Love for Wood (chess documentary 1979 – ENG subs)

Documentary about AlphaGo/Zero

Deepmind AlphaZero – Mastering Games Without Human Knowledge

AlphaGo – The Movie | Full Documentary

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